9 Places to Go to Cure Your Cabin Fever

Lifestyle / 9 months ago

Winter is a great time of year because it allows us the chances to slow down and reflect on our intentions. We end each year with it so we can take a break from the rushing and star each year with it so we can prepare to move forward. While, no, time does not actually slow down for this, the snow days and hiding sun set this tone for us privately.


Although important to the yearly cycle, winter can be a drag. Days on days of darkness and precipitation lead to a little thing we know and hate called cabin fever.  You know, it’s that stir-crazy feeling you get after staring at the same walls again and again and again because you can’t just go lay in the grass.


I present to you: the cure. While you might not want to spend time outside you should still spend time out of your house. Most of the places are free and attainable, so look into it.


1. A museum

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2. A coffee shop

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3. The gym

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4. A botanical garden

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5. The movies

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6. The library

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7. The mall

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8. An arcade

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9. A yoga class

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