6 Necessities for New Year’s Eve Weekend

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If you’re one of the many that go out on New Year’s Eve, you know that it’s a crazy night. Everyone is in rare form as they look forward to the new year ahead and look back on all that’s happened in the past 365 days.


With NYE falling on a Monday this year, we’re provided the opportunity to basically party from Friday night to Tuesday morning. Whether you’re venturing to the bars or to your friend’s down the street, it’s important to not let your health and wellbeing slip away. Finish up bucket lists and go crazy, but do it right. Here are some necessities to bring along for the ride.


1. Water. Try a reusable bottle if you can.

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2. Snacks. Dry food is probably easier, so crackers and granola.

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3. Gum. Keeps your mouth from talking to your ex again.

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4. Socks. I know you like to take your shoes off.

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5. Sunglasses. Best way to hide those hangover eyes.

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6. Hand sanitizer. Don’t start off the new year with a cold.

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7. Party accessories. Obviously.

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