7 Things to Know about Jojo Siwa

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You know her from her vlogs (or appearing in the vlogs of other YouTubers) and you know her by her bows (I mean, how could you not), but you might not know how she got her start. Jojo Siwa is the over-enthusiastic, over-accessorized 15-year-old that’s been yelling and clogging our brains with glitter and smiles for years.


There really is no way to describe Jojo– you just have to see her to understand her. She is massively successful for her age (have you seen her car?) and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for the future. But I do hope she lets her hair down once in a while. That hairline though…


1. Jojo’s full name is Joelle Joanie Siwa.

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2. She was the youngest contestant on season 2 of Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition.



3. With her mom being a professional dance instructor, it’s no wonder Jojo got her big start on Dance Moms.

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4. After leaving the show in 2016, she released her debut song, “Boomerang.”



5. Jojo has partnered with Claire’s and J.C. Penney, releasing accessories, bedroom decor, and even a doll made in her likeness.

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6. Her first major concert tour will start in May 2019.



7. She has two Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards under her belt, with two more nominations for 2019.

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