7 Fun Facts about Ryland Adams

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Ryland Adams is a name we’re growing to know and love. As I’m sure all the Mermaids of Rylantis would agree, there’s no one else I’d love to watch glam up a panic room or show off a Gucci obsession. It’s been an honor to watch him come into his own brand on YouTube, so it’s no wonder he’s been nominated for the Vlogger of the Year Shorty Award. Want to know more about our queen mermaid? Check below.


1. Although a perfect fit for LA, Ryland is from Colorado.

(Photo by Instagram/@rylandadams)



2. He was an on-air host and producer for Clevver from 2014-2017.



3. As you might have seen on his channel, he left the company due to questionable business practices.

(Photo by Instagram/@rylandadams)



4. His YouTube following has grown to over 3.8 million subs.



5. Ryland’s most watched video is “I WORE JEFFREE STAR’S CLOTHES FOR A WEEK” with over eight million views.

(Photo by Instagram/@rylandadams)



6. He currently has three music videos, “Boyfriend Diss Track” being the most popular.



7. He’s influenced his younger sister, Morgan, to start a channel as well.

(Photo by Instagram/@rylandadams)





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