5 Things to Know about Jason Nash

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Jason Nash is definitely not like most 45 year old men in Hollywood. His participation in the Vlog Squad and personal fame on social media make him one of a kind. Despite taking part in David’s ridiculous antics, he remains true to his Boston roots and a humble father of two. Which is pretty cool, right? How many kids can say their friends watch their dad’s vlogs? Excluding Jaden and Willow Smith next to none. So here are some things to know about Jason’s life before we knew him (or were even born, for that matter).



1. Jason trained with the Upright Citizens Brigade.

(Photo by Instagram/@jasonnash)



2. He wrote, directed, and starred in a Comedy Central web series “Jason Nash is Married,” which is based off of his one-man show.



3. He’s developed shows for FOX, CBS, Oxygen, and IFC.

(Photo by Instagram/@jasonnash)



4. Jason’s social media debut was on Vine, where he had over 2 million followers.



5. In 2016, he teamed up with fellow Viner, David Dobrik, and joined YouTube.

(Photo by Instagram/@jasonnash)





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