5 Things to Know about Emilia Fart

Influencers / 7 months ago

If you don’t already know about Emilia Fart, I’m glad you tuned in. Emilia is the most unconventional YouTuber rising to the top, and that’s what makes her so great. Her refusal to conform to social norms allows her true, whimsical identity to come through on the screen. When she sits down to talk to followers, we know she’s being genuine–a rarity on YouTube. If she makes you uncomfortable, embrace it.


1. Emilia joined YouTube in 2012.

(Photo by Instagram/@emiliafarts)



2. Although she posted some videos in 2012, she didn’t start constantly uploading until about two years ago.



3. She lives in Montreal, QC.

(Photo by Instagram/@emiliafarts)



4. Her loud and and flamboyant persona doesn’t prevent her from getting serious with her followers.



5. Emilia has opened up about her past and is continuing a self-discovery voyage, inspiring followers to embrace themselves.

(Photo by Instagram/@emiliafarts)





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