5 Things to Know about Carly and Erin

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It doesn’t matter if you know them from Vine or if you know them from YouTube, Carly and Erin are an iconic duo. They’re probably some of the most slept on members of the Vlog Squad, but their days will come. Their slow rise to fame almost makes enjoying their content now all the more enjoyable. So hop on this train now, you don’t want to miss it.


1. Carly and Erin got their start separately on Vine in 2013.

(Photo by Instagram/@carlyincontro)



2. A couple months before the app died (RIP), they decided to collab on a YouTube channel.



3. They joined YouTube in 2015, originally naming their channel “Vining and Driving,” where they interviewed former Vine stars in the car.

(Photo by Instagram/@carlyincontro)



4. Many of their videos ended with “…AND WE DIED!” reflecting the fact they think everything is hilarious.



5. Carly and Erin each have personal YouTube accounts, but post to their shared one more often (three times a week).

(Photo by Instagram/@carlyincontro)




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