8 of our Favorite Hanukkah Foods

Food / a year ago

Hanukkah Sameach! While Hanukkah is not the most important Jewish holiday, it’s one with a beautiful story that deserves celebration nonetheless. Nothing beats smelling latkes frying in oil and beating your older relatives at dreidel (sorry not sorry).


While every family has their own traditions, we stan some traditional jelly donuts (sufganiyot). It was hard to narrow this list down, but here are eight of our favorite foods from the holiday.

1. Challah

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2. Latkes

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3. Brisket

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4. Sufganiyot

(Photo by Wikimedia Commons/Noam Furer)



5. Rugelach

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6. Matzah Ball Soup

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7. Knish

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8. Hanukkah Gelt

(Photo by Wikimedia Commons/Liz West)