10 Foods for a Kwanzaa Feast

Food / a year ago

Happy Kwanzaa, y’all. Today marks the first day of the African celebration to honor African-American culture and history. As with most holidays, food plays such an important role in this celebration. Food alone can show the love in a family and tell the history of a society. Be it generations-old recipes or modern takes on classics, what we put on our plates holds more than words can describe. Here are some Kwanzaa dishes you might enjoy during this year’s holiday.



1. Gumbo Ya-Ya

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2. Jerk chicken

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3. Macaroni and cheese

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4. Mustard greens

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5. Fried plantains

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6. Coconut-rum pie

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7. Black-eyed peas

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8. Spicy blackened catfish

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9. Sengalenes soup

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10. Sweet potato souffle

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