7 Things to Know about Lizzo

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Lizzo is on the verge of becoming as well known as the likes of Ariana Grande and Camila Cabello. Besides by her breakthrough songs Good as Hell and Worship, you probably know her as the incredible flutist with her beloved flute, Sasha Flute (is even has an Instagram @sashabefluting) and from Liza Koshy’s instagram stories (she’s a stan).


The artist toured with the Haim sisters in 2018 and will be performing at this year’s Coachella. Her latest single, “Juice” is an absolute bop with 80’s flare and tasteful sass. Want to know more? Read below, sis.  



1. Lizzo’s full name is Melissa Jefferson.

(Photo by Instagram/@lizzobeeating)



2. Her debut album, Lizzobangers, was released in 2013 and followed by Big Grrrl Small World in 2015.



3. In 2014, Time names her one of the 14 music artists to watch.

(Photo by Instagram/@lizzobeeating)



4. Coconut Oil was her major-label EP released in 2016.



5. Lizzo appeared as a guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race during the 10th season.

(Photo by Instagram/@lizzobeeating)



6. She actively promotes self-love and body positivity, drawing inspiration from her own struggles with body issues at an early age.



7. Her third studio album, Cuz I Love You, comes out April 19, 2019.

(Photo by Instagram/@lizzobeeating)




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