7 Fun Facts about James Charles

Beauty / 10 months ago

Hi sisters! Today we are focused on beauty icon James Charles. It’s hard to imagine the makeup world without our sister serving us gorgeous looks, but he actually got into the industry by accident. While doing hair for a friend, she asked if he could do her makeup, too. He did it, he loved it, and now look at him. Iconic.  


1. James started his channel in 2015.

(Photo by Instagram/@jamescharles)



2. Just a year later, he became the first male ambassador for Covergirl.



3. He was also the first person to do his own makeup for al the shoots.

(Photo by Instagram/@jamescharles)



4. He successfully balanced his campaign with his senior year of high school.



5. James currently has over 12.6 million subs on Youtube.

(Photo by Instagram/@jamescharles)



6. He’s a firm believer that you do makeup for yourself, not for others.



7. The first look he ever did on himself was a skeleton look.

(Photo by Instagram/@jamescharles)







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