10 Things to Do Over Spring Break Besides Partying

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For me, spring break was always my down time. I didn’t do extensive travel (besides my semester abroad) and I didn’t spend a lot of money. Sometimes, I even worked extra over spring break to save up some money. No, you don’t have to do that, but it’s an option.


There are so many great things you can use this week-or-so off for. My favorite of which being much needed rest and relaxation. Coming back from spring break has the same effect as coming back after Thanksgiving. You loved all that time off, but that’s not yet you’re reality. You still have a month or so left of classes (ugh) and…finals (UGH). So really enjoy this time while you can.


1. Travel to a new place–but keep it local.

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2. Finally read that book you’ve been pushing off.

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3. Have fun in the kitchen.

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4. Play some old video games you used to love.

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5. Catch up with friends you haven’t seen all semester.

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6. Try out a new hobby.

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7. Pick up a new magazine.

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8. Go see your family–maybe even surprise them.

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9. Start learning a new language.

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10. Volunteer at a local non-profit (dogs, anyone?).

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