7 Things to Know about Jeffree Star

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Hi, how are ya? Jeffree Star is one of the most famous names on the internet. This influencer has been dominating social platforms since 2003, and has held rein as a household name among Millenials and Gen Z-ers alike. The 33-year-old was initial known for his flaming pink locks and Myspace persona, but has transitioned to the beauty guru on YouTube with his own cosmetics line.


Sure, you could just watch Shane’s docu-series on my favorite celeb. Actually, you probably already watched it. So just give this article a read anyway. Thanks, babes.


1. Jeffree became the most followed person on Myspace in 2006.

(Photo by Instagram/@jeffreestar)



2. He usually used Myspace to promote his music career.



3. His first and only studio album, Beauty Killer, came out in 2009.

(Photo by Instagram/@jeffreestar)



4. Akon signed him in 2010 and referred to him as “the next Lady Gaga”.



5. Jeffree founded Jeffree Star Cosmetics in 2014 after leaving the music industry a year prior.

(Photo by Instagram/@jeffreestar)



6. He currently has over 11.7 million subs on YouTube (can’t relate).



7. He is the proud mom over 6 adorable Pomeranians: Daddy, Drama, Diva, Diamond, Delicious, and Da Vinci.

(Photo by Instagram/@jeffreestar)





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