4 Reasons to Always Wear Sun Protection

Beauty / 10 months ago

I am NOT a fan of conventional sunscreen. That stuff is packed with horrible fillers and chemicals that could be just as bad for your long term health as overexposure to the sun. Not to mention the horrible environmental impact it has. But that doesn’t mean we abandon sun protection overall!


Oh no, hunny. We love a well protected face. Whether it’s 100 percent zinc, a nice floppy hat (hard stan), or a natural sunscreen blend (check out stores like Follain and Credo Beauty to learn about brands and options) something is way better than nothing. Even in the winter! Especially if snow is on the ground, you are still at risk of sunburn.


Long story short cover up, babes. Here’s why:


1. Lower risk of skin cancer. Need I say more?

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2. Prevent premature wrinkles. Aging is beautiful, but no 30-year-old needs signs of skin damage.

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3. Keeps your overall complexion even and toned.

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4. The ozone layer is still depleting, so UV rays keep getting more harmful.

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